To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong                                 - Joseph Chilton Pearce

Welcome to Lace and Charcoal. Here you will find that life is all about the personal touch. All our products are handmade in Canada. This store is a culmination of passions and the drive to make life a little more natural. We offer a variety of handmade products that fall into 3 categories:

Roost: crafts and home decor

Refine: jewelry

Relax: our signature apothecary products (soaps, lotions, sprays and more!)

Please respect that our products are handmade and slight variations may arise between images online. However, we strive to detail each product accurately to ensure you know what to expect!

All our products are made with quality ingredients and we are continuously working towards only sourcing within Canada. We welcome any suggestions of suppliers within Canada!

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